It's no secret that the Iowa Caucuses haven't been the most efficient way of starting the voting processes in the previous election cycles.

This is what an article from the New York Times said of the process: "As disastrous as the 2020 Iowa caucuses have appeared to the public, the failure runs deeper and wider than has previously been known, according to dozens of interviews with those involved. It was a total system breakdown that casts doubt on how a critical contest on the American political calendar has been managed for years."

For those who may have forgotten, Iowa attempted to work the caucus via an app that ultimately crashed during the operation. Not only that, several candidates believed they had done particularly well in the state, and Pete Buttigieg essentially claimed he had received the Hawkeye State's vote:

So we don’t know all the results, but we know by the time it’s all said and done, Iowa, you have shocked the nation. By all indications, we are going on to New Hampshire victorious.

As ABCNews reported, Joe Biden won Iowa with 14 delegates, Bernie Sanders took 12, and Buttigieg finished with 9.

It's not like folks have been always gung-ho about using the caucus system, either.

Even prior to the 2020 debacle, The Washington Post had this to say: "Iowa’s first-in-the-nation presidential nominating event, scheduled for Feb. 3, 2020, is a fossil: an outdated and irrational system that has nevertheless hardened into tradition. Instead of trying to engineer a way around the fact that caucuses are awful ways to select presidential candidates, Iowa, and every other caucus state should simply switch to holding primary votes."

And thus, the DNC will do its best to rid Iowa of the procedure when it comes to choosing a candidate for presidential elections.

In a Democratic National Committee Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting on Saturday, January 29, none of the speakers had anything positive to say about caucusing. It's also up for debate as to whether or not Iowa should even be first among the states to begin the process of choosing a candidate for the party.

According to Politico, following the meeting, "Iowans could see their state could be in trouble. One longtime Iowa strategist watching the shellacking unfold said, 'That was f---ing painful.'"

Yvette Lewis, the Maryland Democratic Party chair and a member of the committee, who is a Black woman, spoke of the 2020 primaries, saying the

total trajectory of the race changed when people that looked like me were able to be a part of the process. Any time the trajectory of the race changes so significantly by the time you get to South Carolina, it means we need to look at what’s happening.

Though there will be no rush to change the way Iowa and the nation have done things since 1972, it's possible the shift could happen by 2028 for the Democrats. The Politico article cited Democrat's lack of urgency, given that President Biden says he plans to run for office again in 2024.

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