Even if you might not be able to tell by the piles of debris still left in your neighborhood, crews across the city have been working tirelessly since August 10 to clean up after the derecho. It's now Thanksgiving week and they are getting the break they deserve, according to KCRG. Actually, a few days-long break.

From today, Wednesday, November 25 through this Sunday, November 29, derecho cleanup will be suspended so that workers may enjoy downtime and family time.

They will be prepared to get back at it fresh and rejuvenated Monday, November 30. 35 percent of city streets are reportedly fully cleared from a final pass to remove non-organic debris that started in mid-November, while 73 percent of tree-trimming efforts have been completed. On a side note, the burn ban remains in effect going into the holiday, with exceptions for LP or natural gas fire pits.

2020 hasn't been easy. We're ushering in a time to give renewed thanks for the helpers and blessings in our lives and few deserve it more than those who make it their life's work to help a community rebuild after such an unexpected disaster. It was something special to see crews called in from all over the country late this summer to help us fix Mother Nature's mess, from the power to the internet to the debris, and we'll never be able to thank them enough. It actually became inspiring. I'm not going to lie, I kind of got used to "roughing it" for a few days, although I would never wish to have to do it like that again.

Equally deserving are the healthcare heroes working continued long hours to minimize the impact of the other devastating turn of events that came out of this year: the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike the derecho workers, they might not be getting much of a holiday break.

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