We've seen the Cedar Valley start to burst with new businesses in the past few months, but a unique new spot is coming to the area sometime next year.

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I don't know about you, but I love the vibe of a record store. It's calming and everyone just seems incredibly relaxed. Plus, it's usually a great spot to hang out and enjoy music with friends.

A new record store is coming to Cedar Falls and it will be opening soon.

A record store based in Des Moines, Vinyl Cup Records began as a Facebook group in 2017. A year later, the record store opened up to music lovers in the Historic Beaverdale Neighborhood of Des Moines.

On the Instagram for Vinyl Cup Cedar Falls, the record store is described as, "...unique record digging experience focused around customer service and quality product!"

While there is no specific opening date in mind, the record store confirmed on social media that they will be opening their Cedar Falls location sometime in 2022. There is also no word on where in Cedar Falls it will be.

There are so many new businesses have opened up in the Cedar Valley this year. Most of these growing businesses are restaurants. Several new spots have opened this summer in Cedar Falls. A take-out-friendly restaurant called  Carter House opened right next to the Black Hawk Hotel. In addition, a restaurant located in the same spot as Santa's Workshop in Cedar Falls just opened its doors, it's called Georges.

ICON Donut, a popular spot in Waterloo is expanding and opening a Cedar Falls bakery at the end of November.

Waterloo is also seeing rapid growth with several different businesses moving to the area. Several different food trucks are staking a claim to the city with brick-and-mortar locations. Big Head Burger opened in September. Located at 324 W 4th Street in Downtown Waterloo, has all the same delicious items that were served at the food truck.

Also, the Waterloo location will now be the site of a new restaurant coming to the area. Last month, news broke of the popular food truck Hungry Charlie's moving into the building. This will be its first brick-and-mortar location in the Cedar Valley.

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