Police in Westerly, Rhode Island caught and arrested a Des Moines man who they say had been trying to enter singer Taylor Swift's home.

The man's name is David Page Liddle, 32, of Des Moines. Residents in the area reported strange activity from a man at a boatyard near Swift's beachfront home. He reportedly told police he was trying to "catch up" with Taylor, that he knew her, and that she had told him she was going to help him with his singing career.

It happened Friday when he was found with a backpack full of items common in burglaries, including a baseball bat. Security guards near the mansion told police they had also seen him earlier in the day, before the incident.

Liddle was released on a $10,000 bond at a Monday court appearance. He hopefully will get the hint that they are never ever getting back together.


[Via CBS2]

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