On Saturday night, the Des Moines Register made the decision to not publish its most recent Presidential election poll.

Due to a possible error of omission made during a phone survey, the newspaper said it would suspend releasing the information about democratic presidential candidates just one day before the Iowa caucus.

The final survey would have given the nation one last look at which candidate is leading in the Iowa polls.

The error of omission was detected late Saturday night. It put into question whether presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s name was left off at least one of those surveys’ questionnaires.

Without the confidence of knowing the survey was completely fair the Des Moines Register  made the right call and did not release the results.

Monday’s Iowa Caucus is the official start of the 2020 presidential election season.

Iowans around the state gather in gymnasiums, churches, schools and town halls to select their favorite candidate to advance in the Democratic primaries.

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