You've probably driven by it a million times on your way to Eagle Point Park... but did you know the Dubuque Old Log Cabin is believed to be the oldest building in Iowa?

Not just the oldest building... it's also believed to be the oldest building west of the Mississippi River.

It was built in 1827 and it's original location was 2nd and Locust Streets in Dubuque. (Right down from St. Raphael's Cathedral.)

It was built by a trapper named Louis Arrandeaux in a style called 'dogtrot,' which was developed in countries like Sweden, Germany, Finland and Russia. There's a fireplace on each side and the breezeway in the center allowed for good airflow.


Before the cathedral was built, Father Samuel Mazzuchelli would say mass from the south room of the cabin.

Ansel Briggs, Iowa's first governer also spoke at the cabin in 1846.

So how did it get to its current location? It was first moved to Eagle Point Park back in 1915 and Dubuquers used it as a pavillion before it was moved from the park to its current location in 1965.

It's a part of the Mathias Ham Historic Site, so you can visit the River Museum website to learn more about it.

Now you'll have some trivia to stump your friends and family with regarding the history of Dubuque!

~Chris Farber