A new and unique type of bar is officially open in Cedar Falls.

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Over the weekend, a new bar opened right on College Hill. Located on  2211 College Street, the Cedar Valley's newest watering hole is officially open for business.

Dior's Slushee & Bar celebrated a grand opening this weekend to welcome customers into the unique and colorful establishment.

Dior's offers colorful alcoholic and non-alcoholic snow cones, slushies, and popsicles.

Snowcones and slushies will come in six regular flavors. These include blue raspberry, cherry, cola, grape, green apple, and piña colada, according to reports.

Standard operating hours going forward will be 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. every single day.

And according to the owners, the opening was a MAJOR success. Mike Spencer, one of the owners of Dior's, shared a post on Facebook recapping the opening and how he felt after opening the doors for the first time.

"...definitely a learning curve of what to do and not to do, things we definitely need and things definitely don’t! I appreciate everyone who come through [and] showed love and support I promise it only going to get better from here!"

This spot will eventually serve food. For now, there is no cover charge to get in, but there are plans to change that in the future.

Another similar business opened up in Waterloo last year. Daq King is a daiquiri shop right in the heart of Waterloo.

Courtesy of Daq King
Courtesy of Daq King

Several new spots opened last year in the Cedar Valley. A take-out-friendly restaurant called  Carter House opened right next to the Black Hawk Hotel in Cedar Falls. In addition, a restaurant located in the same spot as Santa's Workshop in Cedar Falls just opened its doors, it's called Georges.

ICON Donut, a popular spot in Waterloo expanded and opened in Cedar Falls at the end of November.

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