If you've ever been to Disney World or Land, and stayed at one of their hotels, you could set a wake up call that would come from one of the beloved Disney characters. As a kid I loved getting those wake up calls. Disney even had a feature for families called “ Call Mickey,” it was a way to keep some Disney magic even after you left the park.

“Call Mickey” was a hotline you could call to get a message from a Disney character giving you a special bedtime message. It was disconnected for a bit, but as of April 17th 2020 it is back up and running.

You can call the hotline by checking out their main Disney page. They have multiple characters you can hear from, and they are all bedtime messages.

This pandemic is most likely very confusing for a lot of kids out there, leading to stress and other feelings of unease. This call is simple, but can offer a lot for kids who love Disney, or even adults who just want to hear a fun Disney message.

Parents can also download the Disney app for even more fun family activities, these activities are mostly for younger kids, but there are a few fun activities for those older kids out there too.

Enjoy some of that Disney Magic from home, and stay safe out there.

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