Parents of students who attend McKinley Middle School in Cedar Rapids are dealing with confusion as a mysterious, anonymous letter was recently circulated, mapping out a host of general concerns surrounding the school.

This letter, which was brought up and discussed at a PTA meeting on Monday, cited such non-specific issues as name calling, disruptive behavior and language used across the school, fights among students, and rude treatment of teachers as growing concerns that should be further discussed and addressed in the living rooms of the school's families. One particularly disturbing accusation talks about students abusing classroom animals.

Many parents in attendance believed much of the discussion is just typical "kids will be kids" behavior. But the McKinley principal is taking it very seriously, to the point of claiming to spend "sleepless nights thinking about how to address the issues", according to a KCRG report.

Whether the issues are a legitimate concern or much ado about nothing, discussion and investigation among the adults appears to be happening, which is a good thing. With the other troubling news from an Eastern Iowa school recently reporting drugs being sold between young students, we cannot take chances when it comes to the safety, comfort and educational environment of children in our schools.

[Via KCRG]

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