It's a sign of love (or hate) when your co-workers develop nicknames for you at the office. I have several:

  • Stone
  • Stone!
  • Stoney
  • Stone-Man
  • Stoner (the funniest part is who uses this the most--one of my bosses!)

I also answer to:

  • E
  • Eeric (because I apparently say my own name on the air that way sometimes).
  • Eazy-E (the latest one, just recently developed. Also a famous rapper's name but it fits my name and personality)
  • Hey You!

As nicknames go, these are pretty fun, cool, affectionate and respectful. But, I'm sure I've been called much worse behind my back. Especially after this blog! Other co-workers in the office have nicknames, too.

  • Courtlin (KDAT/KHAK) usually gets called anything from Courtney to Caitlyn to Portland by the outside world. One nickname she has around here is "Baby C". At her last job, they called her "C-Dawg". That may just end up taking hold here!
  • Ryan Brainard (KHAK) has been shortening it to "Brain" for years on the air. (Contrary to popular belief, it's not a typo for "Brian").
  • Sales rep Jen Zoller goes by either JZ, Z or just Zoller. We just brainstormed a new nickname for her as well: "Zolla bills $$$"
  • Then there's sales rep Beth, or as I like to call her; "Beth! I need...!"
  • We sometimes call our receptionist, Amanda, "Girl Friday".

Finally, Jaymz Larson (KRNA) is alternately referred to as Jim,  Jimmy, Jammies, J-Lar, "your old pal Jaymz Larson" or "Oooooh!! Jaymz Larson!!!"

What are you and your co-workers' office nicknames? Share them (if you dare) in the comments!

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