Bonnie Chapman, Duane "Dog" Chapman's daughter with wife Beth, shared new details about her mother's final days and let her Instagram followers know of her own struggles before and after the 51-year-old died in June.

Now 21 years old, Bonnie Chapman revealed how devastating losing her mother has been while admitting 2019 was a very bad year even before a death she admits she was not prepared for, despite two years of therapy.

Beth Chapman died in June 2019 at the age of 51 after a battle with cancer.

"This is very hard to relive, but seeing my mother in her hospital bed, skin and bones, it shook me to my core," Bonnie Chapman writes in a lengthy note on Instagram. "I apologized for being a brat and she shook her head and assured me I wasn't. That's my last memory with her."

Stitches, a burn, coming out as gay, her best friend's suicide and troubles at college made any promise of a good year in 2019 bleak, but mid-June, Beth's death sent Bonnie into a dark spiral, she says — one she says she's only now coming out of.

"To this day my heart aches for my mama, I miss her," she writes. "Every cell in my body misses her. I know she's in a better place with no pain, and that's all I could want."

"I'm sad to never see her again, but I wear her ashes around my neck every day since. She's still with me."

A small vial can be seen hanging from Bonnie's neck in a recent photo:

Beth and Duane Chapman were the stars of several television reality shows, including Dog the Bounty Hunter. In 2018 the first season of Dog's Most Wanted premiered on WGN. The season followed Duane Chapman and his team as they chased fugitives, but also chronicled Beth's cancer journey, and ultimately, her death and memorial. It's not clear if there will be a second season of the show. Duane — "Dog" — has had his own health setbacks in recent months and indicated he has been told to slow down.

Together Beth and Duane had two kids, daughter Bonnie and son Garry. They also have several children from previous relationships.

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