A new Target soon to open in downtown Iowa City is set to bring renewed life to the area, despite the continuing general decline of the retail industry. Courageous female entrepreneurs opening their own businesses are on the rise by 40 percent nationwide.

Women also reportedly make more than 85% of overall consumer goods purchases and influence over 95% of total goods and services purchased (including cars, homes, vacations, and technology). It makes sense that to show its strong support for these female influencers, and to bring more of them to the area, that the Downtown District of Iowa City would want to spotlight them in March during "National Women's Month".

The Iowa City Press-Citizen says there are 61 female-owned businesses making up the core of their Downtown District, and each one is being highlighted and identified this month with bright red signage to stand out. The district has launched funding incentives to that end, to support "storefront enhancements and creative signage for projects that meet best practices in design". Your application deadline as a female business owner in Iowa City to apply for this funding is March 21.



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