There's a lot of emphasis on the Downtown District of Cedar Rapids, as well as mixed feelings on the attention it gets.

There also seems to be an uptick in crime and bad behavior.

Like it or not, Cedar Rapids considers its downtown to be vital. In an apparent effort to maintain positive momentum built around it over the years, organizations are teaming to launch a potential pilot program that would feature "downtown ambassadors".

The City Council will vote on the program at their Tuesday meeting, and if given the green light, these ambassadors would operate toward the goal of making downtown a "friendlier and safer place".

These summer ambassadors would start working in June to "focus on creating a respectful and peaceful environment, communicating issues with appropriate parties, and aid with trash pickup and recycling in the downtown areas".

Sure, there are volunteers to perform these tasks before, during and after individual events like the Farmers' Market, but this would create a more organized effort. Departments within the City of Cedar Rapids, as well as the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance would coordinate the program alongside the Willis Dady shelter, who would hire the ambassadors.

[Via KCRG]



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