Maybe we're a little biased working on the 4th floor of the Plaza 425 building. Maybe having this bird's eye view of downtown's greatness clouds our judgment. Maybe we're just forever proud of the recovery and improvement made down here since the flood of 2008. But I think I can speak for almost everyone else in our downtown "neighborhood" when I say that this district in no way, shape, form or fashion "sucks".

A growing number of restaurants, bars, parks, the Farmers' Market, the library, the art museum, the Paramount Theatre, McGrath Amphitheatre, Theatre Cedar Rapids and U.S. Cellular Center are part of a plethora of cultural and entertainment choices, if you just look around you. Not to mention, the businesses who call it home, including ours. Downtown has a lot to offer, including more and more housing popping up. It's clearly a place people want to be. Yet, to some, it still "sucks".

The Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance is using an unorthodox method, which some might call "click-bait", or simple reverse psychology, in a new viral video to get the word out about how much fun there is to be had in downtown Cedar Rapids. Check out the "Downtown Cedar Rapids Sucks" video below and weigh in with your thoughts. This is said to be the first of a series of videos in this campaign.

See for yourself.

[Via CBS 2]

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