We've already seen some unusual earthquakes in the Midwest this year, but the one today might be the strangest of them all. An earthquake on the Illinois/Indiana border was felt by over 2,000 people today.

The USGS reported this 3.8 magnitude earthquake this afternoon at approximately 2:18 pm Central Time located here on their official website.


I cannot remember a quake in this region ever. The really interesting aspect of this quake is how many people felt it. As of this writing, 2,475 people reported to the USGS that they felt the quake. This USGS map shows where the reports came from. Notice that it was felt as far west as the Champaign area in Illinois.


Today's quake inspired me to research fault lines in this part of Indiana/Illinois. WRTV shared a story a few years ago regarding 1 fault line in Indiana called the Wabash Valley Seismic Zone. It produced a 5.2 back in 2008 that was felt by over 40,000.

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You might recall that Nebraska had a 4.2 quake a few weeks ago so today's shaker in the Indiana/Illinois region just adds to a strange seismic 2021 so far.

You can check the official USGS website for updates and new quakes that might happen if today's quake was the indication of something future.

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