Last night, tensions were high at ADM as worker contracts were about to expire.

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As the clock neared midnight, production at Archer-Daniels-Midland Company was at risk of stopping as worker contracts were being negotiated. As the details were being worked out, over 200 union members were preparing for a possible strike.

In an article in KCRG, ADM goes through the negotiation process with the union every three years. Typically the union is able to get an agreement that they recommend, but the workforce is changing says Jesse Case Secretary-Treasurer of Local 238 in the article.

This is a really unique period in history for the American workforce. Workers are tired of that gap between corporate profits and their own paychecks…. ADM made $1.6 billion in profits last quarter, during a pandemic, while people continue to go to work to keep them profitable.

ADM sent a statement to KCRG which stated “we have offered an extremely competitive proposal to union membership at our corn wet mill in Cedar Rapids and continue to negotiate in good faith with the union.”

On Tuesday morning, ADM and Teamsters Union who was representing the workers at ADM came to an agreement and signed a new 3-year agreement.

According to Iowa News Now, this new agreement includes an immediate six-percent raise and an increase in benefits. The article says that these benefits include A “$5,000 ratification bonus, 40 hours of sick leave, eight additional hours of personal leave, and extra premium pay for many classifications.”

The Cedar Rapids ADM produces sweeteners, starches, animal feeds, and ethanol.

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