The "State of Your Airport" event was held Thursday at the Eastern Iowa Airport and hundreds of Iowans showed up for support.

This has been a huge year for the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids. The airport is on track to see the second most passengers in its 75-year history according to KCRG.

Back in 2014 new facilities and updates started popping up at the airport with the Terminal Modernization Project and passengers have been enjoying the updates.

Linda Wright, a passenger using the airport on Wednesday told KCRG

“It’s easy to be dropped off at departure, and arrivals, it’s easy to be picked up here. If you need a last-second cup of coffee or a bite to eat or something it’s got a lovely restaurant or shops.”

The final phase of this project is underway currently, after having to pause due to the pandemic.

Parts of this project have included additional gates and seating, as aircraft continue to get bigger.

While this has been a great year to celebrate for the Eastern Iowa Airport that doesn't mean it hasn't come with its own challenges.

While higher fuel prices have been an issue millions of people have had to deal with, it's not the only problem airlines have faced this year. Airlines around the world need pilots.

CNN reports by 2025, airlines worldwide need up to 34,000 pilots to meet the growing demand and to keep up with retirements.

Iowa is right in the heart of a growing and changing America, which will increase air traffic in the Hawkeye state.

President and CEO of Boyd Aviation, Michal Boyd told KCRG

"more business is moving to the midwest, they're going to go places where they can make money and have a good quality of life, Iowa apparently fits that bill."

Speakers at this event mentioned about facilities need to continue to adapt as the industry alters according to KCRG.

While many airports lost carriers during the pandemic, The Eastern Iowa Airport was able to gain a non-stop flight according to KCRG.

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