An eastern Iowa farmer who loves to surprise his girlfriend really pulled off a doozy. He proposed in a way she couldn't have imagined, using farm equipment and his own land.

Chad Crosby, from Fremont in Mahaska County in southeast Iowa, met his girlfriend Roxanne back in February. Even though the two have only been together for about 10 months, Chad knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Always loving a good surprise, Chad planned the perfect way to propose to Roxanne without actually saying a word. His land would do the talking for him.

According to KCCI, after harvesting beans from one of his fields this fall, he hopped aboard a small tractor pulling a disc, and carefully a message into the land. Chad told Roxanne a little fib. He shared that he "wanted to get an aerial photo of the farm and make some big portrait to give my dad for Christmas."

Chad had his plan perfectly laid out when he and Roxanne climbed into a 4-seat airplane with the pilot fully aware of what was happening. Once they got near Chad's family farm he pointed out a field as they approached it. He then said, "I think Roxanne rode with me in that field when I was planting beans. Were you in that field with me when I planted beans?" That's when Roxanne saw it.

KCCI, YouTube
KCCI, YouTube

After exclaiming "Are you kidding me?!", Roxanne looked at Chad and said, "You know I'm gonna marry you." That's when her tears started to flow. Roxanne told him, "Chad, you're unbelievable," to which he replied, "Always trying to surprise you, babe."

The land always has a way of coming through for farmers and it did it again. This Iowa soil is even richer because it's filled with love. Congratulations Chad and Roxanne.

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