You can tattletale on someone with the zoomies in one of the Quad Cities.

We've all gotten frustrated with someone who is speeding. Maybe they're tailgating us, absolutely flying by, or all around just driving like a jerk. Whenever they zoom by we always find ourselves hoping we'll pass them soon as they're pulled over by a cop.


It's a satisfying moment when that does happen but Bettendorf has a way for you to channel that road rage to (hopefully) eventual karma.

Bettendorf has launched it's Speed Spots Map. You can drop a pin anywhere in Bettendorf where you notice "an increase in speeding drivers". Once you drop the pin in that spot, a box will pop up giving you the option to share that info with Bettendorf Police.

All responses to the map are anonymous. So you can snitch undercover.

You'll see that the map includes other parts of the Quad Cities but police ask you to just tap on the places in Bettendorf. Obviously the other places aren't in BPD jurisdiction. The new Speed Spots Map comes after a bunch of residents complained about speeders.

Bettendorf police say that this will be one of the tools that they use to come up with enforcement strategies throughout the city. They're also putting speed trailers in residential areas to help curtail speeding there.

So would putting a pin on the map be immediate karma for that annoying speeder on your tail? No. Could they eventually get busted because of it? Yep.

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