"To boldly go where no piece of jewelry has gone before."

Apparently, billionaires, celebrities, and ordinary citizens flying to space are already old news. The new hot concept is a partnership between two diamond shops in Iowa and Louisiana that is simply expected to blow your mind: flying diamonds to space!

If you're scratching your head like I was at the purpose of this concept you're not alone, so let's get right to the point. It's more or less being done for attention. A pure innovation grab.

Philip's Diamond Shop in Marion is teaming with Diana Rae Jewelry in Lafayette, Louisiana, to offer you the chance to purchase a diamond and send it off into the stratosphere. According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, the Louisiana jewelry store owner Diana Rae High said

We needed something that [was] mind-blowingly different to get everyone’s attention and we’ve always loved following SpaceX and the launches so my husband started reaching out to SpaceX and NASA to figure out if it was a possibility

You can purchase one of these space-bound diamonds, that will set you back between $700 and $2 million, here. On the site, it says "for the first time in space history, a commercial space flight is sending a limited number of diamonds to space".

After the diamonds "launch" into space, sometime in the fall of 2022, they will indeed come back to earth around Christmastime of that year or in early 2023.

You'll also get to follow your diamond's journey through photos and updates during the mission. Talk about a Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthday, wedding, or other gift you or someone you love will never forget.

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