Elon Musk released a new song titled "Don't Doubt Ur Vibe" on Soundcloud.

Though Fridays typically bring a bunch of new music releases (this week we got new music from both Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa), we never thought we'd be getting a track from the Tesla and Space X CEO.

The billionaire surprised everyone by dropping an EDM tune, courtesy of "Emo G" Records, on January 30 that he apparently wrote the lyrics to and performed himself. The whole song consists of the lines, "Don’t doubt your vibe/ Because it’s true/ Don’t doubt your vibe/ Because it’s you" repeated over and over.

It's unclear if Musk is being serious, just playing around or if he was inspired by his girlfriend, Canadian musician Grimes, but he's now calling himself "E 'D' M" on Twitter.

You can listen to Elon Musk's song for yourself, below:

"I wrote the lyrics & performed the vocals!!" he wrote in another tweet.

Musk also shared photos of himself from inside the studio.

In other news, rumor has it Musk will become a father for the first time after Grimes took to Instagram earlier this month to seemingly announce she's pregnant. She shared an image of herself with a baby photoshopped onto her belly.

Grimes nor Musk have yet to seriously confirm the news.

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