I don't have official numbers, but I heard "10,500" mentioned at some point. I assume that's how many people attended Friday night's concert in Moline, when Sir Elton John graced the stage.

I wouldn't doubt it. It was packed, shoulder-to-shoulder, elbow-to-elbow. I didn't even get to my seat until the third song in, "I Guess That's Why they Call it The Blues". But the sights and sounds emanated clearly from all over the arena.

My photography skills leave a lot to be desired, but thankfully I've got friends better at it than I.

Jaymz Larson
Jaymz Larson

We, along with our 5-4-3-2-1 ticket winners, got an up-close and personal view of the stage from our seats and we were not disappointed. This was a photo of Elton's impromptu "autograph signing" as he took a break from the show before his encore.

He stood, waved and bowed to the crowd numerous times, showing what a humble and respectful performer he still is. Being in the presence of this greatness was not lost on any of us.

"Daniel" is one of my all-time favorite Elton John songs, and it was my favorite song of the night. With such a long string of hits to his name (he played over 20 of them at this show), it's hard to pick a favorite, but this gets the nod.

"Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" was great as well. It was accompanied by an image on the big screen of Elton's longtime friend, the late George Michael, with whom he once collaborated on a remake of the song.

He led in to "Your Song" telling the interesting and humorous story of why he thought he and longtime songwriting partner Bernie Taupin must have worked so well together for so long--because they worked separately on music and lyrics, rarely being in the same room together while doing so.

All in all, it was a night no one present at the TaxSlayer Center will ever forget. I'll also never forget the company I had on this trip, which was chauffered with class by our friends at Diamond Limousine.

Thank you, Sir Elton John for gracing our neck of the woods with your talents.


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