Car owners of one of the most popular vehicles in America are getting nervous. Reports of engine compartment fires in the Toyota RAV4 are raising concerns for drivers and the United States government.

There is currently an investigation by the United States government into multiple complaints of engine fires in almost 2 million Toyota RAV4 small SUVs. This investigation is focusing on models from 2013 through 2018. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking into eleven complaints relating to these models.

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From what officials are saying, it looks like these fires are happening when the cars are being driven. Several of them actually occurred when the engine was completely off. Reports say these fires are starting on the left side of the engine.

Last year a California family with the 2017 RAV4 experienced this scary moment when their vehicle went up in flames. Luckily everyone was safe, and the entire family escaped before anyone could be hurt.

While the vehicles are currently not being recalled, if this investigation turns out to be fruitful then these cars could end up being recalled.

This type of car is currently the top-selling car in the country.

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