Technology is awesome...when it works. It can be creepy when it doesn't.

Electronic garage door malfunctions are a part of life. You either get it serviced or get a new one.

But, what happens when your WHOLE neighborhood experiences a collective garage door opener outage at the SAME time?  It sounds like something out of "Friday the 13th", which, oddly enough, appears to be exactly when it happened in one Northwest Cedar Rapids neighborhood recently. It appears these weren't full-blown power outages, just the garage doors. You can't make this stuff up.

Residents told KCRG that several of them had been experiencing garage door opener outages for a few days this past week. They called every garage door company possible to do what it took to pinpoint and fix the problem.

Mediacom described something called a "leak", an electronic glitch that may have been jamming the doors, but were unable to find any problem.

That sort of leaves residents in a bind if the problem continues to happen. Many said the problem had been fixed by Friday night, either on its own or through help from service companies, but the spooky source of the mystery remains.

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