Fox Television hit paydirt this season with a hilarious new show. "The Grinder" stars Fred Savage (from "Wonder Years" fame), Rob Lowe and William Devane as a father-son team of lawyers. The problem is, one of them actually isn't.

Don't be put off by the weird title, which as best as I can decipher, in the legal world simply means someone who excessively pressures ("grinds") people on the stand in court (but there is a little bit of double-entendre).

(Spoiler alert) Rob Lowe's character, Dean, PLAYED a lawyer on TV, and when his show ("The Grinder"...which creates a nice little "show within the show" plot device, as Dean and the family watch together) is cancelled, he decides he's qualified to join the real lawyers in his family firm. The obligatory clueless father (Devane) is totally on board but the other brother, Savage's character Stewart, is skeptical. After the first two episodes (spoiler alert) it looks like it's working out so far. Dean acts as the dramatic showman in court, and of course leaves everyone they cross paths with in complete awe while Stewart, who has less of a way with words, is relegated to "sidekick", doing the actual "grunt" legal work (end of spoiler alert). The rest of the supporting cast/family is equally entertaining as they swoon over Uncle Dean and treat Stewart like an afterthought but he seems to take it in stride.

I am excited to watch this show progress this season and hopefully future seasons as well but, knowing my luck with TV shows it may not last long. So make sure you get in on it Tuesday nights! To pique your interest, watch the trailer below.


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