It was a far cry from the kind of competitive abuse he inflicted on Indiana players on the court back in the day.

Jeff Moe, a star basketball player at Iowa from 1984-1988, was in a different court this week, as he was accused of assault on an Indianapolis city councilman.

Moe is now a real estate developer living in Indianapolis. While speaking on 975 Fox Sports radio Wednesday, Moe outright admitted to grabbing councilman Jeff Miller by the throat and slamming him up against a marble wall early this week.

"I grabbed him by the shirt and shook him", Moe was quoted as saying in the radio interview.

Moe spent most of Monday in jail before posting a $7,500 bond. He was applying for renewal of a liquor license for his Indianapolis gentlemens' club. The assault was a result of Miller voting against the renewal. Moe will face charges of criminal confinement, strangulation, battery resulting in bodily harm and disorderly conduct.

[Via Gazette]


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