John Lewis in the United Kingdom recently purchased a new home, but when he started looking around the house, found something he probably wishes he hadn't.

The discovery, a creepy looking doll named "Emily, was found in a patched-up hole under the stairs of the house.

A note that came with the doll was enough to make you think "Maybe there's a 30-day return policy on this house."

"Dear Reader/ New Home Owner,

Thank you for freeing me!

My name is Emily, my original owners lived in this house in 1961. I didn't like them so they had to go. All they did was sing and be merry. It was sickening.

Stabbing was my choice of death for them, so I hope you have knives.

Hope you sleep well"

Lewis said he decided to check out the hole when he had noticed a wire coming out of the wall.

“There was a wire coming out where the previous owners had the fridge but I didn’t know where the wire was plugged in so I knocked through a bit of the plasterboard to see what was there,” he told the Liverpool Echo.

His friends want him to sell the house and move as soon as possible, but he was amused by the apparent prank.

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