With its fleets of souped-up muscle cars racing and drifting and spinning and (in the later films) flying and going into outer spaceFast & Furious seems tailor-made for an elaborately themed roller coaster.

Somehow, it’s taken almost 25 years since the franchise first debuted for it to happen, but Universal Studios is finally making the first Fast & Furious coaster. Dubbed Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift, it will open at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2026.

The press release claims “the state-of-the-art ride system is being uniquely designed to immerse guests within the high-speed Fast & Furious universe. Highlights will include groundbreaking 360-degree rotation of the individual ride vehicles as they rocket along an elaborate track meticulously constructed with sound reduction technology for a breathtaking, superior experience. These attributions will create a seamless sensation of drifting cars as guests spin in motion at furiously fast speeds.”

See, now we’re talking. A drifting car roller coaster! Sounds like Fast & Furious to me.

Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal Studios Hollywood

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The new ride will be located in Universal Studios’ Upper Lot; the release describes a “a large, red brick, garage-style structure” housing the attraction, which will contain vehicles “modeled after several authentic cars featured in the films.”

While this is the first Fast coaster, it is not the first Fast theme park attraction. Fast & Furious: Supercharged has been a part of the Universal Studios tram tour, and a standalone ride at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando, for a number of years. That’s not a roller coaster, though; that’s more of a dark ride with screens that simulates a high-speed chase with screens and either side of the tram or ride vehicle.

The Fast & Furious roller coaster is being built in a space formerly occupied by Universal’s long-running Animal Actors and Special Effects shows.

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