An Eastern Iowa teenager is breaking barriers for women at a very early age. She first became one of Iowa's ss first female Boy Scouts, now she has earned a rare honor for a male, let alone a female, as an Eagle Scout.

According to Iowa's News Now, Amber Rose of Coralville is a freshman at St. Ambrose University and was eager to join the Boy Scouts of America as soon as the organization first allowed females to do so in 2017. Those aspiring to Eagle Scout honors usually start at age 12 to earn the required 21 merit badges. Amber had to achieve it in the 25 months prior to her 18th birthday, and she exceeded the goal with 30 badges.


All this without being able to attend the usual merit badge workshops and summer camps which were canceled due to the pandemic. She didn't let the albeit disappointing lack of a formal ceremony deter her. Amber did it largely on her own.

After passing a board review October 12, she officially became one of the first female Eagle Scouts, not only in the state but in the nation. She's ready to help those along who want to follow in her proud footsteps once summer camps reopen. She knows there will be plenty more like her seeing what can be accomplished and striving for it.

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