With a hot weekend of weather across Eastern Iowa had many people craving a dip in a pool. In 2020, you had to know someone who had their own swimming pool. COVID shut down all the city swimming pools in Cedar Rapids. But this year, things are different, at least where COVID is related. Pools will open! But a worker shortage and the training of life guards means that for now, only ONE city pool is open to the public.

KCRG reports that the only Cedar Rapids pool open this past weekend was the Noelridge Aquatic Center. It opened on Friday and saw huge lines and crowds all weekend. Once again, it's the only pool open, it's hot, and last year no one could use the facility. Officials describe the Sunday crowd as bigger than a normal summer Sunday.

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So what about the other city swimming pools? Cherry Hill Aquatic Center was also supposed to open up this past weekend, but had to delay as they are still training lifeguards for the facility. Opening weekend for Cherry Hill will now start June 12th, according to KCRG. Bever, Ellis, and Jones pools are all supposed to open up by late June. But the timetables could change based on training of lifeguards and staffing issues.

So, as the temperatures stay warm this week, stay patient. Or you could do what so many homeowners are deciding to do. Put in a pool of your own! Or, do what my family does. Have friends that have a pool! Most of the time the entry fee is a meal or some beverages. I'll pay that any hot day this summer!

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