You read that right. The FIRST pass picking up all this storm debris could be another month away from completion, according to the City of Cedar Rapids.

KCRG says the piles that have been filling up our yards and neighborhoods for three weeks already could take a really long time to get rid of. City crews continue to team with crews from the Iowa Department of Transportation, and private contractors on 12 hour days or longer to clean it all up. As of this past Monday, August 31 they say they were only about 25 percent done. Again, with the first pass around town. They might be able to revise that timeline later in the week.

People who have yet to see that first round of crews coming to their home are being patient but getting anxious, like Northwest Cedar Rapids resident William Musser who told KCRG, "when I see other people are getting cleaned up, it makes me hopeful that they’re coming. So you know they’re out working. You see them out working, and they’ll get to you when they can."

He echoes the sentiments of many these past few weeks in feeling like a cleanup crew (or power, or cable or internet) driving through your neighborhood is like being a kid seeing Santa Claus on Christmas morning, with disappointment to follow when they are taking care of your neighbors but not you...yet. Hopefully, all this cleanup won't take THAT long. But we continue to thank the hard-working crews for doing their very best.

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