Each town has its own unique set of words, terms and phrases that set them apart, and Cedar Rapids is no exception. You'll know you're here, when you hear these words.

  • Ellyn Felton


    It's one of the many growing and bustling districts of our city, featuring unique bars, restaurants, residential and retail development, including its own central shopping market, all with a special charm.

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  • Photo: JZ

    Cell Center

    It's the abbreviation for our largest concert and event venue. The U.S. Cellular Center is usually more commonly known as just the "Cell Center". Many big names have come through this arena that used to be known as the Five Seasons Center.

  • Mike Ferris

    The City of Five

    Which brings us to the next item on the list. Cedar Rapids' nickname as the "City of Five Seasons": winter, spring, summer, fall and the "season to enjoy". It has been shortened to the "City of Five" and if you live here, you can always find something to enjoy.

  • Bridget DeMeis

    Mt. Trashmore

    Leave it to Cedar Rapids to make a mountain out of a molehill, or in this case, a landfill.