It may be part of the Iowa charm, but do you ever notice how we sometimes mispronounce or misspell names of places here? Adding an extra "s" here or adding or omitting an apostrophe there. Here are five examples of this I've noticed, and am guilty of myself, I'm not going to lie. You can chime in with your thoughts at the end.

  • 1

    Aldi ('s)

    It's just "Aldi", and says so right on the front of the storefront, as opposed to the commonly used "Aldi's"

  • 2

    Wards (Montgomery Ward)

    This store went out of business, and it quite possibly could be due to the fact that no one knew where to find it, because they were looking for the store they called "Wards" instead of the actual "Montgomery Ward". It doesn't help that their website refers to their own company as "Wards", which is now a primarily mail-order company, either

  • 3

    Penneys (JC Penney, J.C. Penney)

    It's just easier to call it "Penneys" and everyone knows what you're talking about but the founder of the company, James Cash Penney might have taken offense.

  • 4

    The WalMart (Walmart, Wal Mart)

    Is it two words or one? Do the "w" and "m" both need to be capitalized? One thing is for sure, calling it "The Walmart" is common but redundant and unnecessary.

  • 5

    Walgreen ('s)

    Again, is there or is there not an apostrophe? It's named after its founder, Charles Rudolph Walgreen, so an apostrophe should be there, indicating posession.

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