Smile! And slow down, you'll be on camera for years to come when traveling I-380.

According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, the I-380 traffic cameras will not be going away anytime soon. The city council has approved an agreement to keep them operating for another five years, at least through June 30, 2027.

The city has 15 traffic cameras and in case you're still wondering where they are, it's not exactly a secret. The city of Cedar Rapids posts the locations on its website. The good news is, that the number of cameras is not set to increase (or decrease) during that time, but the five years is locked in with the vendor, Sensys Gatso. The only way it could be rebid is for the city or company to terminate the current contract for "cause".

Traffic cameras are a polarizing issue for drivers in Cedar Rapids, and a lot of them point to one factor in the continuation of their operation: money. They wouldn't be wrong, if you look at stats pointed out by the Gazette.

Sensys Gatso will be paid $18 for each paid speeding violation for the first three years of the contract and $17 for each paid speed violation after that.

The company is also paid $22 per red-light violation. Other numbers of note:

  •  the traffic camera program generated $7.43 million in revenue in fiscal 2022, ending June 30.
  • In April, the cameras identified 14,443 violations, which generated $546,910

The revenue generated is reportedly all used for public safety purposes, such as in fiscal 2021 when they paid 27 police officers, at $3.3 million; investment in public safety equipment at $628,000; and social justice programs, at $250,000.

The Cedar Rapids camera system has been operating since 2010. It paused from 2017-19 at the direction of the Iowa Department of Transportation but was reactivated in July 2019.


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