Oreo (or Nabisco) has came out with a lot of limited edition flavors over the years. Remember their 'The Most Stuf' Oreos creation? These things have the "Most. Creme. Ever." and put Double Stuf Oreos to shame.

But, like we said, that's just one of the many. Some of Oreo's unique flavors include Watermelon, Root Beer Float, Spring (not sure what that tastes like), Pumpkin Spice and more!

It seems like they can make anything an Oreo flavor these days. That being said, we got to thinking. What if Oreo made Cedar Rapids flavors? What would they be? Well, we've got some ideas in mind and yes, one of them involves corn. Would you try any of these Cedar Rapids/Iowa Oreo flavors?

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GOOD or GROSS? Five Oreo Flavors Inspired by Cedar Rapids

What do you think of these Cedar Rapids Oreo flavors? Got any better ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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