A lot has changed in the world the last couple of months thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic we're all contending with one way or another. Everyone is social distancing, which includes people not getting to see their family members who live outside their home. I think that's one of the hardest things to think about right now. Some are working out of their homes, and others are missing the chance to stop into their favorite restaurants, bars or even local shops. But the more some things change, the more others stay the same. Here are five examples. Please share yours!

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  • Eric Stone


    Neighborhood pets are on cloud nine with owners home more! Riley knows I'm around more...and knows I'm still not paying enough attention to him. Sorry buddy, but toys and treats don't pay for themselves. I'm working here! He sleeps all day anyway which makes me kind of envious! We're both getting a lot more walks.

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    Neighborhood Cameraderie

    Everyone is going about their business as normal (as normal as possible), in my neighborhood. Bicyclists and skaters included. It's good to see. Neighborly chats from an appropriate social distance while working on gardens, yard work, fixing their cars,  and getting fresh air are therapeutic. The best part is the smell of barbecue grills firing up everywhere! And with days getting longer, there's more time to enjoy.

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    My Routine

    I may be broadcasting and working from home, but I ASSURE you I am still all business. Easy for me to say, being as a t-shirt and jeans are acceptable work attire at the station anyway. I could definitely get used to working from home, but I miss seeing my co-workers every day. We're all keeping in touch, technology is fantastic.

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    The housework is never done, in fact it might be getting done even more with nothing else to do yet no one to impress.

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    Iowa Nice

    Some things never change, which in this final case is a good thing. We all seem to be a lot kinder to each other right now and I would love for that to continue after all this is over.