Hawkeye fans, the extremely passionate and casual alike, are still basking in the huge 55-24 upset of Ohio State last weekend, dashing the Buckeyes' hopes of national championship status this season, and prompting one broadcaster to reverse course in one fell swoop on his negative opinion of Iowa as the "fake ID" of college football.

But what are some of the signs of a TRUE Hawkeye fan, not just one that jumps on the bandwagon of a prominent victory? Here's our list of 5.

  • Your Yearly Vacation is a Trip to the Bowl Game

    Even if it is the lowly Pinstripe Bowl, two days after Christmas in warm, sunny New York City--paradise in the dead of winter if only for the chance to pack up the family and book your flights to see your team play "one last game". You simply must watch the Hawkeyes sieze their postseason opportunity.

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  • You Name Your Business After Them

    If you name your business Hawkeye Harley-Davidson, Hawkeye Electric or anything else with the team in the name, you certainly know how to market yourself to the correct audience.

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  • You Name Your Child (or pet) Kinnick Or Hawkeye

    I am not knocking this, as I know at least one person who has done it. It's adorable and less regrettable than a tattoo. It obviously shows your pride in the Hawkeyes as well.

  • You're the Eternal Optimist

    Whether the team finishes 10-2 or 2-10 you always hold out hope for "better luck next year". (Even if you occasionally lose your lunch over the coach's salary).

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  • You Can Wave Better Than Anyone--and for a Good Reason

    It's a new tradition that's making national news, and something we as Hawkeye fans can be at least as proud of, if not more, than the on-field action. The "wave" at the end of the first quarter between the fans in the stands and the young patients in the adjacent Stead Family Children's Hospital. This is just the icing on the cake to complete the full Kinnick Stadium experience and consider yourself a "true" Hawkeye fan.

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