It was exciting news to football fans, when, shortly after the Super Bowl marked the end of the NFL season, the AAF (Alliance of American Football) kicked off with an extension to the season.

It was "minor league" football but felt a lot different with involvement from actual former college and NFL players, coaches, referees and analysts providing their expertise. Players were either trying out for a second shot at the NFL or just trying to keep their hand in the game they love. Unfortunately, the AAF has already gone out of business, taking many of its athletes and coaches back to square one. But some, including former UNI Defensive End Karter Schult got the chance they were looking for in the NFL.

Looks like it worked out pretty well for him. He has signed with the Minnesota Vikings. Not only that, but he's about to get married!

He can't talk about why the AAF folded, but he is one of 30 of its former players to get opportunities to move up to the National Football League.

Congratulations to Karter Schult and the others who parlayed a short stint in a now-defunct developmental league to prosper. Best wishes with the impending nuptials, as well.

[Via KWWL]

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