Ninjas are in our midst here in Iowa.

According to KWWL, four Iowa men just tried out for an upcoming episode of American Ninja Warrior and they all made it. The report states that Nick Hansen of Cedar Falls, Chris Behrends of Clarksville, Jackson Twait of Hudson and Levi Enright of Horton have been training at NinjaU in Cedar Falls. All that training seems to have paid off too, as they all got the call that many ninja athletes dream of. They are going to compete on an episode of American Ninja Warrior for a chance at $1 million.

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If you're not familiar, American Ninja Warrior is where men and women from all over the country come together in an attempt to complete the "world's most notorious obstacle course". The competition is high and the obstacles seem impossible to complete.

We'll see if these Iowa guys have what it takes. They certainly seem excited to take on the challenge. Just take a look at Hanson's reaction to finding out below:

The show will be taped this Friday, April 2. Fingers crossed it goes well.

This isn't the first time an Iowan has been featured on the show though. Back in July of 2019 a cat-loving Iowa guy took on the course. Then a month later in August of 2019 another Iowan took on the course. That time it was 38-year-old Scott Behrends, who actually owns the NinjaU gym in Cedar Falls where the latest group trains at. If you want to train like a ninja, a new ninja course is coming to Marion. Find out more about it here.

We've certainly had our share of Iowans on popular television shows. Just thinking back on a few, we just had a bunch of Iowans on the hit TV show Shark Tank. There was a couple of buddies who were showing off their beer cooler overalls, and an Iowa couple with a swimwear company that made suits for women with a button at the hip to make it easier to go to the bathroom. Switching television shows, we had a couple of Iowa women on Survivor. And recently a University of Iowa student was on Wheel of Fortune. We're just naming a few here, too.

We're sure this won't be the last time one of our own makes a television appearance. And as for our newest ninjas, good luck!

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