With cooler weather and more rain occurring in our area this week, it's pushing back the timeline on already backed-up contractors and crews to get work done for folks who still need repairs to their home following the August 10 derecho.

If you're one of those property owners, you might be in a frantic scramble to make it happen before things get even worse, but there are people out there taking advantage of these conditions to prey on residents and their feeling of desperation. With this in mind, authorities are warning the public of a new type of scammer to look out for in the Cedar Rapids area.

Iowa's News Now reports there is at least one individual making the rounds in Cedar Rapids posing as a member of the Cedar Rapids City Assessor's Office. Be aware there are fraudulent people posing in this capacity and take steps to protect yourself.

City officials say this person is going door-to-door asking residents to inspect their homes for damage from the derecho. Individuals who are legitimately with the assessor's office will present a city-issued identification badge. There is not a photo of the fraudulent individual available at this time, but if in doubt, call the Cedar Rapids Police at 319-286-5491. You can also lookup photos of the Assessor's Office staff for identification here.

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