Another big step for kids and their ride to school.

Now that safety belts are being mandated on the school bus, which has been a long time coming, students may get to ride for free on city buses soon. The Cedar Rapids City Council recently signed off on a tentative sponsored fare agreement with several schools (and colleges) for free fares on all fixed-ride bus routes on city buses.

Cedar Rapids Community Schools, Coe College, and Kirkwood are onboard and an invitation to Mt. Mercy to participate has been extended as well.

The Cedar Rapids Transit Department would spearhead the program, and all entities participating would pay them a total of $50,000.

Students in high school and college using the free bus program would have to provide picture ID supplied by the school. Without ID, kids would pay 75 cents and adults $1.50 per ride. Elementary and middle school students would ride free regardless.

An email from a parent of a student at Washington High School who couldn't afford a bus pass got the ball rolling on this new program. Learn more here.

[Via Gazette]



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