With, believe it or not, hundreds still without internet in the Cedar Rapids area after the August 10 derecho and needing it for work or school, a group of local business owners is teaming with an area internet company to provide a solution.

KWWL says Brewhemia and the Olympic Southside Theater in the NewBo District, is where the free WiFi is available. Steve Shriver owns the property and with help from ImOn and NewBo-Co, they are providing 23 free WiFi stations at 1202 3rd St. SE. It will accommodate up to 120 people with social distancing in place.

But don't worry. The Southside Theater will still be available to book private indoor meetings as the cool Fall and Winter months approach for those needing that service as well. Southside Theater manager Anna Hobard says they came up with the idea to offer free WiFi, according to KWWL, because "there are still some customers without internet at home or they are stuck at home because they can't go into work and they need just a different situation"

A Gazette story from Wednesday morning says about 700 ImOn customers and an unspecified number of Mediacom users were still without internet, 5 weeks after the storm. That seems like a large number of customers who are missing out but ImOn assures the public that they are working as hard and as fast as they can.

Meanwhile, Brewhemia, The Olympic Southside Theater, and its local owners and partners are coming through for their community with a multi-purpose work and entertainment space for all to enjoy and we thank them.

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