As trees begin to leaf out across the region, we're again reminded about the scope of tree damage done by last August's derecho. Yes, it will take a very long time to restore our tree canopy, but the process of replanting trees continues and Tuesday you'll have an opportunity to get a free oak tree.

Who's Giving Away The Trees

Living Lands and Waters will be giving away the free oak trees on Tuesday, in cooperation with the City of Cedar Rapids. A representative of the non-profit, based in Moline, Illinois, reached out to me earlier today and shared that Living Lands and Waters did two free tree events in Cedar Rapids last fall. The second one was scheduled after the incredible response to the first giveaway.

 How Many Are There and How Do I Get One

A total of 250 oak trees will be given away. They will be first-come first-serve on location Tuesday morning. However, you can reserve one ahead of time. We highly recommend you do that by filling out the form HERE.

Where And When Will They Be Given Away

Trees will given away at the Noelridge Aquatic Center at 1248 42nd St. N.E. from 8:30 am to noon on Tuesday, April 27, or while supplies last. Trees must be picked up Tuesday morning. They will not be held.

Julie and I have a massive oak tree on the south side of our house and we consistently get people telling us how they can't believe how great it still looks after last year's storm. Sure it's a little worse for wear, but that tree still has a great canopy. I'm happy to be able to tell you about this opportunity to get one for your yard. I hope it serves your family as well as that one has served ours.

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