I really don't know how or why people have come up with these weird studies...

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A recent study from Lawn Love, put together a list of the "geekiest" cities in America. Only ONE Iowa city cracked the top 100.

First, let's set the record straight! Being a geek or a nerd about something isn't a bad thing. It just means you are passionate about something that brings you joy.

I proudly embrace my geek status! I've been to two comic-cons in New York City and they were an absolute BLAST!

This entire study was based off of several different factors: the amount of comic book stores, video game stores, geek meetup groups, costume access and comic-cons in that city. Only ONE Midwest city made the top 10 list this year.

New York has the most of three of those categories, but Atlanta seems to have the most comic cons. A Midwest city did crack the top ten overall for nerdiness!

If you're looking to find your type of magical and mystical people, you'll probably want to check out these places.

10 Geekiest Cities In America

1. New York, NY

2. Los Angeles, CA

3. Las Vegas, NV

4. Atlanta, GA

5. San Antonio, TX

6. Houston, TX

7. Chicago, IL

8. Orlando, FL

9. Austin, TX

10. Portland, OR

10 Least Geeky Cities In America

1. Paradise, NV

1. Sunrise Manor, NV

1. Enterprise, NV

1. Spring Valley, NV

1. Miramar, FL

6. Kansas City, KS

7. Bridgeport, CT

8. Palmdale, CA

9. Olathe, KS

9. Newark, NJ

Where does Iowa rank in this whole shebang? Well, one Iowa city made it to the top. Our beautiful capital city Des Moines came in at number 53 on the list. It came in right after Richmond, VA and before Memphis.

Des Moines had an overall "geek score" of 10.96. With the different cons being held in this city, it does make sense that it would fall in at this spot.

The inaugural Des Moines Comic Con wrapped up earlier this summer. It will return next year and take place from June 34d-4th 2023.

Described as a "celebration of comics, toys, TV, film, art, cosplay, games, and all things nerdy."

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