Admit it--We all like stuff. Some more than others. If you feel you deserve to be showered with gifts on your birthday or know a diva who thinks so, here's a list of some places in eastern Iowa that will cater to your birthday celebration with glorious freebees.

American Eagle: Doing some birthday shopping? Get the most for your money by joining American Eagle's rewards club and get 15% off during your ENTIRE birthday month.

Applebee’s: You may not normally order dessert at restaurants after you've eaten, but you will when it's free! Join Applebee's Email Club to take advantage of some free dessert on your special day.

Banana Republic/Old Navy: Sign up for emails and receive a free gift.

Baskin-Robbins: This one is for you ice cream lovers. Enjoy not only a discount on delicious bday cake, but you can also enjoy a FREE CONE when you join their Birthday Club!

Buffalo Wild Wings: Join their Buffalo Circle to get free snack sized wings on your birthday!

Dunkin’ Donuts: You can dunk your donuts in the free medium beverage you're going to receive on your bday if you're a Dunkin’ UpDDate member.

IHOP: Get ready for it to rain rewards because when you sign up for IHOP's email Pancake Revolution eClub, you get a free meal on your birthday, another free meal for joining and then ANOTHER FREE MEAL to celebrate your one-year anniversary of joining.

Olive Garden: Olive Garden’s eClub gets you a free dessert when you get two adult entrées.

PaneraWhen you join MyPanera, you get a free birthday pastry. If that doesn't make your bday special, we don't know what will!

Red Lobster: Join the Fresh Catch Club and catch a free birthday surprise!

Red Robin: Become a Red Robin Royalty member and get a FREE BURGER on your birthday!

Starbucks: Register for My Starbucks Rewards at least 30 days before your bday and... Walla! You’ll get a free drink on your birthday.

Toys R Us: Sign your kiddos up for Geoffrey’s Birthday Club and they'll get a free bday gift!

Ulta: Get free birthday surprises when you sign up for Ulta rewards!


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