Girl Scout Season is upon us and one girl scout has decided to take a creative way to sell some cookies.

9-year-old Amory Vargo is from Westerville, Ohio and has gone viral when it comes to selling girl scout cookies. Why is that? Well, it's because of the creative way that Amory has decided to get more Girl Scout cookie sales. Amory has remixed the popular song "Truth Hurts" from megastar Lizzo to include lyrics like "These cookies great ‘cuz they gotta be great" to sell more cookies and has even created a full on music video of her laying down with all the girl scout cookies around her.

According to People, Vargo's song parody and music video dropped on January 11th and since then the video has gotten over 100,000 views on Youtube.  This is not the first time that the young girl has used parodies of songs to try to sell girl scout cookies. According to her mom, Vargo makes a song and music video every year for girl scout cookie season.

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