Greetings. Eric "Four-Eyes" Stone here with some Coronavirus safety information you might not have thought about.

I have worn eyeglasses since I was 4. They help me see and read, of course, but by now they are just a part of me. I've been asked countless times if I'd ever think about wearing contacts, and the answer is no. Now, there's a good reason to wear that "four-eyes" distinction as a badge of honor.

An expert from the American Academy of Ophthalmology talked about it in an interview with CNN. While there's no actual proof glasses will protect you from COVID-19, it is supposed to help alleviate the nasty twitch we are all being asked to refrain from right now of touching our faces.

You touch the glasses to put them on, remove them or (ahem) "adjust them" so it's not a perfect solution. But every little bit helps, including regular hand-washing, so I will gladly say "all the better to see you (and help save all of us) with, my dear".

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