Google is an amazing tool we utilize every day to find out all sorts of amazing things. Have you ever tried googling your name for example? Simply ask google just about anything, and you'll get an answer that may or may not surprise you. But there's more fun to be had possibly before you even hit enter. For example, if you start to type into the google search, "Why Is Iowa So", take a look and see what the top word recommendation is to finish that sentence. The possible choices are rather interesting.

One of the answers is "stupid". Before getting too offended, the reason why is thanks to Mr. Trump, who recently expressed that idea during his campaign. Other words that pop up include "boring" and "awesome".  But the number one word?


Did you see that one coming? If this weren't an election year, I'm not sure the search would yield the same results.  However, as it is an election year, the eyes of the world are trying to figure out that very question, as all you hear about in the media is the Iowa caucuses, and how important they are to each candidate's campaign.  So I guess "important" is a great word, at least for now.  It sure is a lot better than stupid or boring.

In case you're curious, Mental Floss has provided a list of what each state's "word" is. Once you see some of those, I'm sure you'll be more than excited with "important" as the top choice, and honestly, one of the best words of any state.

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