"A few months ago, my Meemaw bought a new alarm clock," a woman says in the beginning of her video shared to YouTube.

She goes on to explain that Meemaw bought new batteries twice, called the Dollar Store a few times, and could not figure out why her new clock was stuck on the same time.

After time had passed, Meemaw went out and bought a new alarm clock, and after it didn't work, called her granddaughter to come check it out, because something just wasn't right.

"It just won't work," the woman shooting the video says, trying not to laugh. "She done put new batteries in it and everything!"

She has her grandma watch as she peels the protective film displaying 12:08 off of the clock, revealing the actual screen under it.

Grandma gasps, as the granddaughter tells her, "It had a sticker on it!"

"Oh, shit." Grandma says as the video ends.

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