A ban on alcohol use in downtown's Greene Square that was being considered as of last month, now looks like it will be going into effect.

The Cedar Rapids City Council passed an ordinance on Tuesday to begin the placement of signage and enforcement of the ban starting this Friday, July 13. It will be allowed on a limited basis for special events, with a permit.

Several incidents of violence in the park this year, including a death, have prompted the ban, although not all of those incidents directly involved alcohol. The police have so far responded to 57 calls in the park this year, including eight alcohol-related incidents.

It's one of many steps being taken to curb an uptick in violence at Greene Square. Foot patrols have increased and the installation of security cameras in the park are still being discussed.

Councilman Dale Todd, who initially proposed these steps, says they are aware that it won't solve all the problems, but they are needed steps to keep the park safe for all.

[Via Gazette]

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